William David Ellis is a storyteller.

Whether it’s weaving an old narrative into an entertaining and illuminating yarn or fashioning something brand new from wisps of legend, he can tell a story. Both oral communication and the written page bend to the will of this word smithy.

Other than that, he is the son of an English teacher, the husband of an English teacher, and the father of an English teacher, and in spite of them, he occasionally punctuates and is prone to a lapse of consciousness where the Muse of inspiration grants him the heart of a skillful writer.

His contributions to publication include:

      • magazine articles,
      • columns in small and large newspapers across Texas,
      • short stories, some of which have actually been written,
      • poetry, which he will have to die before they can be read,
    • and novels, two of which are exhibited here and the rest of which are either shipwrecked on the shores of imagination or being gestated as we speak.

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