When Did You Start Writing?

I started writing in the third grade. I had just watched the movie Robinson Crusoe on Mars. I ran to my bedroom and hammered out a whole page skipping lines because the big fat pencil I used was heavy and I had to lay in on my shoulder while I wrote with both hands, and then every third word was misspelled so I had to erase it with a two inch wide diameter eraser that usually tore a hole in the Big Chief writing paper.

Which by the way is why kids like to gnaw on erasers: they get hungry using them so much. Now back to your question. The whole book was one page, and I titled it Robinson Crusoe on Venus. It wasn’t a Nobel prize winner, but it was a start and I have never looked back. Now I confess I have had some series obstacles to overcome, a family curse if you will. My family is loaded with English teachers. I know it’s horrible. I grew up thinking the word ‘diagram’ was a cuss word because my dad threatened me with it so much. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway: I still love to write. I don’t like to punctuate but that’s what they make English teachers for. To take a writer’s creativity and polish it. But you have to watch em… they can steal voice and call it correct in a heartbeat. Now, not only was my father an English teacher, so is my wife!  I know, I know, I told you it was a curse… and not only is my wife an English teacher so is my daughter… Say it ain’t so David… but it is… and in spite of those obstacles I still love to write. So hopefully this can be an encouragement to anyone reading this answer.

Do You Plan Out Your Stories?

Like most things in life, that is a short question with a long answer. And the answer is kinda sorta, depends on the day, and yes and no maybe… I like to keep a wet edge on my writing and start at the top so if anything drips I can cover it up when I get to that part. Which is a house painting metaphor for… as I write, I write with a book ending goal in mind. I  also have scene goals I know I need to hit and I also need to leave a, “can it get any worse than this,” predicament at the end of every scene.

That being said, once I have a basic idea in mind, I write out a brief scene outline. We are talking one sentence or two (that brief), and then work toward it. Now as I write sometimes my characters insert things I didn’t see coming. Which is why I love to write… so I can see what happens next. I believe that unforeseen element is actually my subconscious which had the whole thing planned letting my conscious self in on the plan.

Are your books available in print? 

Yes, on Amazon.

When does the next book in the series come out?

Depends on my editors… apparently it takes as long to edit a book as it does to write it… and usually requires at least three different sets of eyes on the manuscript other than mine. But hopefully by the end of June.

Do you put a lot of yourself into your characters? 

It is so much easier to copy a character than to create one from scratch. All writers do it, I am just one of those that admit to doing it. T wo of my favorite characters in the Harry Ferguson Chronicles are real people who actually owned the restaurant where a couple of scenes were written.

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